Brewtown test post

This is a test for Brewtown Tags.Sourcing our coffee through green bean importers Plantation Direct, Brewtown Newtown will be the exclusive destination for many sought after coffee micro lots. We will also be working closely with coffee farm Finca Saint Teresa in Panama. Once onsite at Brewtown, we will be serving high grade coffee through the Mark 3, Kees Van De Westen Spirit espresso machine and filter coffee through the Steampunk Mod by Alpha Dominiche, (the first in Australia), as well as roasting on our vintage Probat L5, restored by Giesen and serving cold drip on draught. We will showcase seasonal blends, single origin espresso and filter origins, Cup of Excellence award coffees and top shelf varietals such as Gesha. In addition to a cultivated approach to coffee, Brewtown will be serving Breakfast and Lunch creating seasonal menus with a paddock to plate philosophy. Using only free range, organic and pasture fed produce, Brewtown's food team will be also launching a bakery and creating all its own pastries on premises. With Brewtown Newtown on the ground floor O'Connell St Merchants - a retail collective - occupies the first floor, which brings together fashion, art and lifestyle retail in one location. Merging creativity and enterprise, the collective creates a new avenue for artisans and merchants to compliment their online presence with a tactile, beautiful retail atmosphere. O’Connell Street Merchants emerged as a concept that marries a love of design with the need for more accessible retail opportunities.