When the booze is right

You know I’ll never really get those people that go off booze for January. Good thing that the month is almost over, so I’d thought I’d show off a bit of what you’ve been missing out on! Over the past 12 months at Gnome we’ve been sourcing a great selection of drinks to put on offer, so I’d thought I’d show some of my favourites. Our biggest selling beer at Gnome is the Balmain Brewing Co. Pale Ale. This is a really smooth, full-bodied beer that finishes with a crisp bitterness that keeps you wanting more. It’s been my favourite beer since I first discovered it, and I don’t see that changing in a while.

 Its been the year of the Cidar for a while now, but that doesn’t stop there being a lot of bad ones out there. We’ve got on offer the Napoleone & Co. Pear Cidar. Its light and sweet, without being overbearing. Great over ice; I’m not sure anyone can beat this on a hot summer arvo.

 The Aperol Spritz has been on our winner list for a while now, so I can’t believe how many of you haven’t tried this yet! A mix of the bitter aperitif Aperol and the dry sweetness of Prosseco sparkling wine, this drink refreshes and satisfies every time. If you are heading out tonight, you’re crazy if you don’t stop in for one of these first!

 I’ve got a lot of favourites on the wine list at the moment, but I think I can’t beat our Primo Estate Colombard. This winery keeps turning up on award lists and for good reason. This light and fruity white wine is reminiscent of what I wish Sauvignon Blancs were. Its fresh enough a flavour to go with food, and smooth and fruity enough to enjoy on its on. A bottle of this and a bit of sunshine and I think I’m in paradise.