Brewtown Beans Blend - Casablanca (ESPRESSO)

Brewtown Beans Blend - Casablanca (ESPRESSO)

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Brewtown house blend - Casablanca. 

Brewtown  roasted house blend, whole bean coffee. 


35% Sumatra Lintong

30% Panama Finca Santa Teresa Natural

25% Colombia Los Naranjos A

10% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Reko Washed


A great blend is like a perfect dinner companion, sometimes sparkling and sweet, sometimes brooding and mysterious, rich and engaging.  (Especially rich!) That is the blend we set out to create in Casablanca. From the Litong we get round heavy mouthfeel and a refined roughness balanced by dignified gravitas. From the Los Naranjos we get cocoa and jaffa orange. From the FST Natural come sweet notes of strawberry and blueberry, and from the Reko , scintillating lime and jasmine flavours that leave you craving  more.